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Welcome, my name is Bill Macleod and thank you for taking the time to visit.

The Heart of Leadership site and the programmes on offer are dedicated to encouraging, inspiring and supporting Leaders (and as a consequence their business) in awakening to their true potential.

As Leaders the focus on delivering results while continuing to develop as an individual can at times prove to be challenging …. often the true development suffers as a consequence.

Through facilitating workshops, or personal one-on-one mentoring we are committed to supporting Leaders and Influencers to open into their true essence.

There is genius within us all. Studies have demonstrated how this genius often gets covered and hidden over time. Our work supports you, as a courageous Leader, to look beyond the veils, the facade and truly open into your own genius. This work can and does transform lives for good.

As Leaders change, the ‘ripple-effect’ is immediately experienced throughout the organisation. Is it time for you to allow yourself to truly explore your potential as a Leader? No more playing small, playing safe … what is it that you would dare to dream as a Leader… and how will you bring more of your true potential to life?

To find out how to be part of this awakening in leadership just click on https://williamfrasermacleod.wordpress.com/upcoming-events/

Or, to contact us, simply email bill@billmacleod.net

People Share

The intention of this page is to share with you what some of the business people Bill has worked with, have said as a result of their experiences with this work.

When you get a chance to speak to our clients here’s what they will share with you.

“I have had some awesome things come up over the past months … and last week, that have happened because of what came out of our time with you!!  I shared what came out of it with a group of women I was speaking to over the weekend and it was really, really powerful. Please be encouraged that the time we spent with you has been a real blessing for me.” SH – New Zealand 

“Bill Macleod from New Zealand. the most amazing, caring, sensitive, encouraging facilitator I have ever encountered.” JBA – Educator – Hong Kong

“As a Facilitator of events he is a powerful presence… pointing directly at Truth in a way that is so enjoyable and entertaining… it’s disarming in itself! …… Create an opportunity to work with Bill and it will be a huge gift to every aspect of your life in a way that can only be experienced.” TR – Australia

“Bill is an inspirational, intuitive trainer whose love of Truth shines a laser-sharp light on the issues which hold us back in Life. He enables delegates to effortlessly free themselves of old, unwanted emotional and physical baggage and tirelessly serves, nurtures  and supports everyone around him.”JR – United Kingdom
 “I once heard wisdom defined as the ‘ability to live in the big picture without ever losing sight of the detail’. Bill is one of those rare people who can support others’ vision, dreams and goals, and simultaneously knows much of the real success will be driven out of the attention to detail and smart business practice. I always appreciate my time with Bill because he is a ‘wise man’.” KD- New Zealand
“Bill is an extraordinary coach, teacher and seminar leader. He combines practical skills and expertise with an open-hearted wisdom in a unique and very powerful way. His work is potent and life/career/company changing in the best of ways. One day this man is going to be internationally renowned in his field, so grab him now while you can – you’ll see huge benefits from day one.” KB – United Kingdom
” The experience I had with Bill in New Zealand was fantastic for two reasons. Bill was there and Mana Retreat really is a great place to relax and get some serious work done. The easiest way for me to explain Bill’s impact on me is that you can dance, you can tell stories, try diversions and many excuses all of which are fine and something we all do. The difference with Bill is he will gently stick with you the whole time you are trying to resist until you finally come to a point of totally letting go. I really appreciate my time with Bill and I have made a massive number of positive changes since my time with him. Thanks again.”  J.W. –  Australia